Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to refrigerate my cake?

If your house is warm or humid we recommend refrigerating. Be sure to take the cake out 2-3 hours before your event so it can come to room temperature and any condensation from the refrigerator can evaporate.

Where should my cake ride in the car?

If you do not have someone helping you pick up the cake we recommend it riding on the floorboard of your passenger seat OR a FLAT LEVEL area where it can receive as much A/C as possible.

How should I drive?

All cakes are doweled and have support dowels to ensure stability however please drive slowly and carefully- No amount of dowels will help you care if you are not careful and diligent with your driving. We like to say drive as if you had a full bowl of hot soup on your lap. Take bumps and entrances/exits/driveways gently and make slow wide turns. Also minimize fast acceleration or braking.

How should I carry my cake?

Carry your cake from the bottom supporting the weight from the bottom. The boxes are meant to help prevent stray fingers from poking your cake but are – flexible cardboard – if you push the sides it will damage your cake.

How do I place a custom order?

contact us via phone, email, facebook, or instagram. Please have ready the following: Date of event/pick up, how many servings you will need to feed for each item needing quoting, inspiration images, telephone number and first and last name. We will then contact you asap with additional questions if we are needing more information and or pricing for your order.

When is my order booked?

No order is considered “booked” or on our calendar unless a 50% deposit is paid.

How soon before my event do I need to put in my order?

As much notice as possible. We do book up 2-3 weeks in advance and for larger orders and/or weddings we book up 6-8 months in advance.