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We invite you to enjoy our bakery's deliciously sweet cakes and breads made every day specifically for you. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast croissant, exclusive dessert or a cup of tea in the comfortable atmosphere. Our bakers have created a whole universe of exquisite pastry!

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Owner Whitney Ronzello has been a hobby baker since she knew how to read a recipe and established Blue Horse Bakery in 2015 to follow her passion and love of all things sweet!
Whitney Ronzello
Whitney Ronzello
established Blue Horse Bakery to follow her passion of all things sweet!

our menu

Whether your looking for a custom cake, cookies, or cupcakes, or just wanting to satisfy your sweet tooth with something daily from our case. Blue Horse Bakery is your one stop shop!

Blueberry Muffin

Every event hosted by F&D not only enjoys our world-class cuisine, but is surrounded by the iconic maritime panorama of the world’s most stunning harbour city


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